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#1 Posted : Sunday, September 18, 2005 7:45:30 PM(UTC)

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I want to tell some opinions that i have these Days after the Huge Use of this Site from Many Users the Last Days. First i want to say that i respect the Persons of ForumAdm that work very hard for to have me, and all the other users the opportunity to learn more things. I know that work hard for more things and for a better Service for all of us, and all these happen for free. Also i want to say my Many Thank's to G_Stockman , Wabbit, Jose, Henry1224 , Hayseed and many other users that write more often from other users their Formulas and give valuable Explanations in Persons that have problems, like me for example, for Free! I quiet believe that the Forum need some more Sub-Folder for a better organize. The last Days almost is impossible to me to use all that Informations that are written in this Forum because are too many and also are together with Topics that had Jokes and Fun from many users, for example. I suggest here, and i believe that this will Help all of us, that if someone want to say his/her Joke to someone, to say that in another Sub-Folder, and not in the Sub-Folder of Formulas for example. Need the Equis Forum i believe more organize before coming any Paralysis(For to found or to study that Informations), to all of us from the Huge Amount of Informations, that exist or will come, in the Equis Forum. Also if someone want to say or to ask something about an Exploration or a System Tester or a Formula creation for the Indicator Builder or an Expert Advisor, to use only that Sub-Folders that will create it for that reason, and not another Sub-Folder. With that, will be more simple for someone to found Valuable Informations very soon. Also someone want to ask something for the New Metastocks. If we create New Sub-Folders in the Equis Forum, then that Person that need Help or want to read something for New Metastocks, to go to the appropriate Sub-Folder for example in the Sub-Folder of Metastock Pro for E-Signal to receive Informations or to put Questions. Also to create a New Sub-Folder for the Programs from other Firms that are Add-On to Metastock. For my Side i do not forget that in the Past i had put Questions for the Paritech Program which is Add-On to the Metastock in the Basic Sub-Folders.With my New thought i will put that Questions to the New Sub-Folder. Also can exist New Sub-Folder for what Add-On want all of use to put in the Future Versions of Metastock. Also can exist New Sub-Folder for Informations and Discussions for Brokerage Firms. Also with the New Creation of these New Sub-Folders, for someone will be more easy for to found Informations and before ask anything to be sure that this Question that have does not answer it from any Topic that exist inside the Sub-Folder that must put their Question. For to exist all that things need a SELF-DISCIPLINE from all of us. To write in the APPROPRIATE SUB-FOLDERS our Problems and not to OTHERS. THIS WILL HELP ALL OF US AND THE FORUMADM. I am sorry for the Long of my Topic, to all! Be well all of You! George K.
#2 Posted : Monday, September 19, 2005 1:16:41 AM(UTC)

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Thanks Kamellop for the feedback ... Patrick :mrgreen:
#3 Posted : Monday, September 19, 2005 2:34:40 AM(UTC)

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Hey K- I think you have some good insight and suggestions. We are looking at the current arrangement. I don't want to let any cats out of the bag yet, but it's an exciting time... Patrick's like a one-legged man in a butt kickin contest! Busy, busy, busy! :P Creating additional 'sub-folders' seems like a good idea on the surface, but there may be other alternatives available. I tend to agree with the folder theory too, but that begs the question how many folks would really be active in that new folder (forum)? e.g., we probably wouldn't have much participation in a 'MS for Qcharts v7.0 forum'. Sorting the forum for purposes of searching has been accomplished in the downloadable FAQ. It is completely indexed. The FAQ is all inclusive except for the formula section- which we are gathering feedback for right now. As far as separating distracting responses, the FAQ does this too. It's all business. Understand what a forum 'discussion' really is: an open meeting of people from all walks of life commenting on whatever the subject happens to be. Every forum takes on a life of its own. It has a personality. While it may be distracting at times (I know... I love to chat and you're not the first person to say shhh :-$ ), it is a requisite part of growing and thriving as a friendly, open community. As the moderator, I try to steer traffic into the most appropriate folders... some posts may seem a bit out of place- hence the desire to add more folders at times- but overall the system is place is functional. In fact, I think it is exceptional. Rest assured, there is nothing static at forum.equis.com! Things are always in motion. So, hang tight and watch for coming changes. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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