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Hello Traders..

The MetaStock Online Community continues to grow and thrive, and is your first best source for reaching out to fellow MetaStock users for help.

We just wanted to let you know that we are also available on www.facebook.com/metastock, and twitter @MetaStockTweet, and metastocksoftware.blogspot.com, and even the new googleplus... just search for MetaStock.

Connecting with us on these social sites allows you to see the latest info on product releases, webinars, seminars, conferences etc.... and lets face it... it's fun.

However you connect with us... we want it to be on your terms.

Successful Trading!
Greg Lewis, Marketing Manager


Hello All

Welcome to the MetaStock Users Online Forum. For years, MetaStock users have come here to trade knowledge, ideas, opinion, formulas, tips... just about anything. MetaStock supports this environment of education and collboration, and only asks this...

Learn and Share... Learn and Share

.... and maybe make a few friends along the way. Smile [:)]