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#1 Posted : Friday, February 3, 2012 9:09:01 AM(UTC)

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In the past few weeks, there have been several requests for basic formulas. I can attribute this due to new sales from equis.

What I can't understand is the lack of foresight that these new users have. Is it due to seeing how easy it seems to be when indicators are plotted on a chart? I know that in hindsight everything looks clearer, but it is the hard edge right, where decisions have to be made at a split second for profits are to be made.

The new user seems to just take the word of a few indicators and has a go of it. he takes this plunge blindfolded due to his lack of reading the user manual and the formula primer that is available in this forum.

I know that several members contribute their efforts for free, we are not compensated in any means by EQUIS!!!

We don't mind helping out, but please show some effort in your posts!

1: do a search in the forum about your question
2:When posting a question, provide as much information as possible!
What time frame are you looking at? What asset are you trading?
What type of trader are you?
Are you looking for swing trades or breakout systems, trending stocks?
Are you looking for indicators? explorations?system tester? or Expert's?
3: What are you trying to display? Indicator values? Signals?
and last but not least show some appreciation for the tireless work that was provided.

After you have gotten your questions answered, you must do your own testing to see the final results!

#2 Posted : Friday, February 3, 2012 3:01:24 PM(UTC)

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henry1224 wrote:
What I can't understand is the lack of foresight that these new users have.

Hi Henry! Hey, have you seen the MetaStock TV ad vids on YouTube? They make it look SO easy!
I'd guess the answer is in a couple of pieces:

-- Newbies don't know enough to ask even half the questions you posted.

-- Nobody wades through that 1-1/2 inch thick manual before getting started & trying the software.

-- The 1st 50 pages are about data, the next 50 are on charts, layouts & templates, you have to go through >100 pages before it covers "Periodicity" and 150 pages before you get to the section on indicators. (Maybe that's changed -- my last paper manual is the 9.1 version.)

-- The "Quick Start" stuff (at least for me) were all PDF's, and I didn't know they were even in the Metastock folder for months. Also, they're really boring.

-- By the time they get to System Testing, there's really no mention of Risk/Money management. Probably 'cause the EST ain't got none. The newbie has no idea that the EST is poorly designed, nor that they should be VERY careful not to "look ahead". I remember some very exciting EST results, after doing a whole lot of learning, more time testing -- and turned out to have the worth of used toilet paper.

-- None of the manuals have/are a good "walkthrough", from indicator-thru-trade/test results. In fact, I don't think such a thing exists, yet.

-- When I started, I didn't know there WAS a Forum! Or how valuable a resource it could be. No idea, like for a year or two! Seriously. And, I go back to FIDOnet days...(well, OK, maybe I got hit on the head with the Stupid Stick on that issue.) But, I'll bet there are new MS users who don't know about -- or the value of -- the Forum.

Haven't even mentioned stumbling blocks like the fact that there's no "Post Code" button, like the "Quote" button in the Forum -- even a smart Newbie can't post code unless he's got the "* code * /code" stashed away for a quick Copy & Paste! Which he likely doesn't...

WE may be used to the above items -- but that doesn't make it easier for the new user. If you feel the need to stretch your Mental Muscles, maybe we could outline a "Boot Camp for MetaStock" missive and slap it on the Forum splash page. Using SCRIBD or something.

My $0.02 worth,

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