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#1 Posted : Monday, February 2, 2015 4:51:43 PM(UTC)
MS Support

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This post contains information regarding fixes, new functionality, removed functionality, and/or changes.


  • Forecaster User Defined Patterns.  (Adds the ability to draw and capture your own price patterns as well as sort the results by various criteria)
  • Improved Power Console.  (Major improvements to streamline the Power Console's usability and symbol search)
  • LCI Trading System.  (The new LCI trading system utilizes an advanced support and resistance structure to find high probability trades)
  • Tick Bar Charts (MetaStock RT only). (Use pre-selected tick bar intervals or customize your own)
  • Increased formula limit.  (Increase from 2,000 to 5,000)
  • Adding instruments from an open chart to a custom list
  • Time-based throttling of real-time updates (MetaStock RT only).  (Gives the user more control over the performance / frequency of their Expert Advisor signals)
  • Updated Instrument list


  • Volume differences seen in more recent data points for 1 min chart not seen in older data points
  • A weekly chart will stop updating live when you change first date on "Load Date" in x-axis
  • Change first "Loaded Date" from X-axis loses current bar on the chart on EOD (MetaStock DC only)
  • MACD Expert Advisor commentary has "Equis" referenced in the fine print at the bottom.
  • EcoStat: Remove "(" in the name of "EcoStat - Italy National Debt to GDP ratio
  • "Metastock is named ""Thomson Reuters MetaStock"" in programs and features (add remove programs)
  • Forecast Cloud tab empty for DBIS.QAFo
  • Metastock will crash if you do not assign a name to a new exploration
  • Use Context sensitive help doesn't work when you click Forecaster on toolbar
  • Forecast Analysis page disappears
  • Some Forecaster exploration are missing formulas in the Report columns
  • Forecaster crashes when switching the focus back from the 180 days to 30 on both the chart and the Forecast Cloud page at the same time
  • System Exception error in Forecaster when changing map focus
  • Security function reporting error "No Symbol"
  • DataLink messages don't display (MetaStock DC only)
  • Template won't apply to a layout created in previous version
  • Missing the word "the" in the custom list manager help in 4 places
  • Enable intraday snapshot option is getting ignored when in the Australian time zone (MetaStock DC only)
  • EcoStat Leading Indicators layout instruments are giving a "you are not permissioned to receive data on this instrument"
  • Last event marker and last price bar not displayed
  • Error message when adding (changing) the public lists using the public list editor.
  • Custom online lists do not display until you reload the public list
  • When editing a custom list (local data) the changes do not show up in the PowerConsole until you close and re-open MetaStock
  • Added Zero is displayed in headers and spacers created in the public lists
  • MetaStock Formula Organizer crashes when creating a self extracting file using the organizer export feature in the Indicator Builder
  • Tooltip in Forecaster repeats the RIC many times
  • Public List Editor, headings remain after moving to displayed
  • Remove the logic to overwrite custom formula files
  • First launch of MS launches MMU(but it's behind the spash screen)and it doesn't open MS when done
  • EcoStat Leading Indicator and Australia Leading Indicator layouts are giving invalid symbol message for = aAUCLEAD/A
  • SectorStat - HealthCare Indicators are giving an error message - Error retrieving data for Security () function. No error Symbol: LIFE.O
  • EcoStat All GDP (10 Charts) layout -all 10 charts are the same RIC
  • "# Equis - Helper @@Turtle Trader System ALL" is missing from indicator builder
  • Check for updates from MetaStock no longer working with Eikon 4.0
  • File associations for MetaStock have been lost
  • Create all new formula file with LIFE.O fix
  • Left scroll button disappears on tab control.
  • Open Interest isn't displaying cumulative value for today (MetaStock DC only)
  • Y Axis settings are not retained in a smart chart
  • Forecaster stops working if you select too many instruments
  • Add "Open INT" to supported field header for local data support
  • Empty folders created under user profile
  • Chart does not plot 2 benchmarks in same window.
  • Market Facilitation Index gives a 0 line output on some securities
  • When an instrument's data is unavailable Forecaster just hangs in waiting
  • Plotting "X.NYSE-A" will give you an error when you use "Security" Function (MetaStock DC only)
  • MetaStock crash on Startup
  • Update does not update files in "MetaStock" folder under Documents
  • FUPOc1 does not receive data in Metastock but it does in Eikon
  • MetaStock won't open certain Indian Futures.
  • TCSK4:BO displays a chart in Eikon but not in Metastock
  • Forecaster locks up when a lot of events are found.
  • No Recognizers Selected Forecaster Looks Dead
  • ProgramPath registry entry under "Innovative Market Analysis" wrong
  • Asian RDL user not getting today's data on Build 702 EOD (MetaStock DC only)
  • Can't open a layout if you add to Custom Tool bar.
  • Help-save as smartchart is not correct
  • When formula file hits capacity and you upgrade custom changes are lost
  • Layouts added to custom toolbar do not open they resize Metastock instead
  • Changes to IMA directory from 13.501 to 13.702 result in custom changes getting lost
  • Forecaster Unhandled exception error when viewing second to last marker
  • Local data names are getting doubled in the Local instrument list
  • MS 13 Build 904 EOD start menu showing as "Metastock Pro" (MetaStock DC only)
  • RMO info from "Mastering MetaStock" is not in Help file
  • Layouts don't retain Tick periodicity
  • I want... To create an online instrument list help topic is incorrect.
  • Cannot insert index into forex chart or vice versa.
  • Window -> new window does not open new chart
  • RMO template has calculation errors on a custom interval
  • A custom list with a # sign on the front of the name zero's out when MS is restarted
  • Mswin.exe will not run on Win8 with VR trader installed
  • Composites in EOD cut off data when compressed from Daily, Weekly, Monthly (MetaStock DC only)
  • Metastock closes immediately after changing the RD login through tools|options (MetaStock DC only)
  • Exploration - Equis - MACD of Comparative Rel Strength does not work in MetaStock 12 / 13
  • Crash performing Undo with Commentary open
  • Chart will not save and reopen in TIC as a chart or in a layout if the periodicity has been changed
  • RMO Errors on data with data having the same High, Open, Low Close
  • Error opening file when restore workspace is selected
  • Help file missing (MetaStock DC only)
  • MetaStock - Reuters DataLink Port does not properly update on first launch (MetaStock DC only)
  • New instrument lists not showing Spacer in Power Console
  • Multiple spacers created in public list editor show only first one in old power console
  • Default data records in help are the same for Max and default data loaded
  • Error communicating with Forecaster process launching Forecaster with regional setting set to Turkey
  • Forecaster giving exception with local data file containing all the same values
  • System Tester gives "Invalid Instrument" error on Mutual Fund data
  • Right - click any system test Choose Print MS14 crashes
  • Forecaster average event occurrence calculation is inaccurate
  • Pre and Post market data is included in intra-day data
  • RIRTSc1 - we are losing the last hour of intraday data, shifting times stamps ahead one hour
  • MetaStock Help - Tick() function Help topic is no longer accurate
  • RIRTSc1 showing inaccurate price on last 2 bars in intraday chart
  • Help-->Live Chat Support link no longer works
  • Help-->MetaStock on the Web-->MetaStock Online Forum references forum.equis.com

Thank you,
MetaStock Product Management

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