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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 3, 2008 1:34:51 PM(UTC)

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I must reiterate the complaint of the post below and criticize Equis for how they are handling this problem with posting some EOD prices the following morning (or later). As of today, Jacqiline on the customer service line didn't go into any detail on the problem and didn't venture a guess as to when it would be fixed.

What got to me is that she treated me like a fool and made it sound like Equis posts the data as soon as they get it and it is the exchanges' fault for getting the data to Equis late. I have also seen late posting problems with various stock indices as well as the US bond contract traded on the CBT (somehow other CBT traded secutities don't have the problem). I don't believe these markets are part of the ICE, therefore the problem may be a much larger than was admitted by Equis in the previous post.

Since customer service is towing the company line, I suggest that others follow my lead and call the Sales department for a refund until the problem is fixed. Or switch vendors.

#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 3, 2008 2:30:38 PM(UTC)

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I got another response from them today on this issue...These guys really know how to run a business. I didn't feel like having to search an test another vendor, but it looks like I pretty much have no choice at this point. Not sure how he concluded "detrimentally affecting your trading" but nonetheless.

I'm sure it's no fault of the tech support folks so I have no ill feelings toward them; they have a tough message to deliver to folks like me who complain. But upper managment is cleary detached from what customers need.

Someone is getting paid way too much money to do nothing.


Justin Reed's response is below the following line.

Thank you for your message. There is no ETA at this time,
unfortunately. I can give you a couple months of credit, but you may
wish to consider placing your account on hold/cancelling and looking for
another service in the meantime, since this is detrimentally affecting
your trading.


Justin Reed

#3 Posted : Wednesday, September 3, 2008 3:15:41 PM(UTC)

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Hey thanks for keeping us up to speed. Your customer support rep seems more knowedgable than mine. It seems odd that Equis is not inundated with calls on this. Does the rest of the world have time to make all their analysis and trading decisions after the missing data is posted in the morning before the markets open?.... or have time to manually input the data at night?? Come on people, pick up the phone and let them know that this is not acceptable!
#4 Posted : Wednesday, September 3, 2008 4:27:50 PM(UTC)

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We are well aware of the issues that impact the futures data in question:

ICE (Formerly NYBOT) is a consistent issue.

I can go into extensive technical explanations as to why this can occur for the varying exchanges, but in the end does not put the data on your PC so I am not sure it's necessary to post that here.

One thing to keep in mind is that "Reuters DataLink" is an Equis product, not a Reuters product. I know to the end-user that does not matter, but I only bring that up to reinforce a couple of things.

Reuters is an institutional provider, not a retail provider. While Reuters is aware of Equis (They own Equis after all), they do not make changes to their data/infrastructure based upon us in any way. It is up to Equis to make sure that we are able to conform to their systems.

Reuters DataLink infrastructure is fairly old. The servers themselves are not old, but the tools we use to collect data from Reuters are. We are in the process of implementing new servers & server tools that will work much much better for data collection. The problem is that most of this has to be done through Reuters. We've made the requests for approval of the new servers and done everything we can on our end to make that happen. After that, we have to rely on Reuters to get those new servers in place.

Once we do have the new servers in place, we can implement our new tools for data collection. ICE is one of the #1 priorities for getting resolved once this occurs.

Other benefits will be that we can run parallel data collection jobs. Right now we run data collections in single batch processes throughout the day. For various technical reasons, this means we can miss the snapshot prices for commodities, whereas running parallel jobs will increase the successful snapshot collections significantly.

We are very excited to get the new systems in place, and I can relate to wanting this fixed now. All I can suggest is that if this issue is detrimental to you (to the point that you are not getting value out of the service) that you consider looking toward another data provider.

While we really cannot say who is the "best" alternative out there, one that's been mentioned here a number of times is Premium Data (http://www.premiumdata.net). I believe they have a data collector (similar to the DownLoader) that can put the data into the MetaStock format.
#5 Posted : Wednesday, September 10, 2008 8:06:13 AM(UTC)

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I very much appreciate the candor and detail, however it seems that Equis has 'underinvested' equipmentwise and it has caught up to them. It also obvious that Equis somehow maintains poor communication with its supplier (Reuters) who also happens to own it. In addition, as part of the poor communication with customers, there has been a tendancy to admit the problem one market at a time. First it was admitted in a previous post by a client service rep that it happened on the ICE feed. Then you addressed my issue with the other futures contracts, but did not address my mention that the delayed quotes occurs in the cash stock index coverage as well (including the FTSE 100). I am not sure whether this also extends into individual stock quotes as well.

I think it would make customers feel more comfortable that things would be fixed if we were sure that Equis at least knew the extent of the problem.

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